Hull changes
Hull changes

User Events Replay

Hey there!

We're really excited to be launching the long-awaited feature - User Events replay!

Although User profiles replay was always available the events were not covered. This was sufficient for basic dataflows, but more complex connectors and especially processors were often requiring cumbersome workarounds.

From now after you select some users on the users' list you can find a new entry in the User Action dropdown button.

The new feature allows selecting which event and what time period you want to replay.


This can help a lot when setting up a new integration and backfilling historical data for any events related entities in 3rd party systems.

Also, it will surely become a valuable tool when developing an event-based processor. After every code change, specific events can be replayed any number of times.

This can speed up development and allow for a quick and reliable way to validate the new logic as well as connector configuration.

If you want to learn more in this guide.