Showing recently deleted connectors

Hey there,

New enhancement to the connectors list.

Especially during the set-up of your Hull organization, you are brought to delete connectors as you run some tests or need to perform some clean-ups. If you were several collaborators to set-up Hull including our customer support team when they jumped in, it was really painful to see from one day to another that some connectors had disappeared. You simply could not access the information about who deleted that given connector and when.

This pain is now over as we have now added a list of your deleted connectors. This list is accessible via a modal you can pop-up by clicking on a button next to the "Add a connector" button on the top right of the connectors list.

Here is a screenshot on how the feature works:

Screenshot_2019-08-22_at_10.24.36.png Screenshot_2019-08-22_at_09.55.26.png