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Hull changes

Pushing events inside Salesforce as Tasks

Hey there,

Did you ever try to reduce the time between a lead sign-up and the moment when a sales reaches out to the lead? Did you ever complain about the lack of historical information a sales could have on a given prospect before hopping on a call with that lead?

Well, if you are a Salesforce user, we have found a solution for you: it is now possible to push events from Hull as Tasks directly inside Salesforce. This feature is an enhancement to the current Salesforce connector. This will allow you to make those events tied to the user appear on the Contact timeline inside Salesforce in the form of Tasks.

For instance, whenever you have a sign-up event tracked by Segment on the website, you can ping your sales directly via a Task called To reach out inside Salesforce so that they reach out to him fast. And you know how reaching out to a lead as fast as possible can drastically improve conversion rates.

Also, whenever a sales has a call with an opportunity, it is important that he knows that he performed x number of Email opened events inside your marketing automation tool and x number of Opened conversation inside Intercom. Because this will help him adapt the conversation depending on the history of the opportunity with the company.

Here is how it works:

1) Create a unique, external id field on the Task object in your Salesforce instance that we will use to store the id of the Hull Event. This will guarantee that the Hull Event and the Salesforce Task will remain in sync.

2) In the Salesforce External_id dropdown, select the name of the external_id you just created inside Salesforce.


3) Select the events you want to send inside the Task Type Mapping section you would like to send to Salesforce and the type of Task to create.

Screenshot_2019-11-28_at_09.55.42 (1).png

4) In the Task reference Mapping section, select the id of the Contact/Lead you want to map to the associated contact or lead of the Task.


5) In the Task fields mapping section, map the properties or context fields of the Hull Event to any modifiable field on the Task.


Do not forget to turn on the toggle “Push Tasks” to start pushing the Tasks.