Hull changes
Hull changes

Outreach incoming events

Hey there,

We are happy to announce you a new enhancement to our Outreach connector: you can now ingest Outreach events to Hull.

When your salespeople hop on a call with leads, they want to have access to their full history with the company:

  • How they interacted with the company emails with events like message opened, message clicked,…

  • How they moved through the sales pipeline with events like prospect_stage_changed , emails_opt_out,…

Ingesting this data into Hull and sending it in your CRM can prove to be valuable information for sales to better convert. In the same way, you don't want your salespeople to send an email to a prospect who just received an email sent with Outreach.

The full list of events that we are able to ingest is the following:

  • bounced_message
  • emails_opt_out
  • inbound_message
  • message_clicked
  • message_opened
  • message_opened_sender
  • outbound_message
  • prospect_stage_changed

You can select the Outreach events you want to fetch inside the dropdown of the Events - Fetching from Outreach section of the Outreach connector section (see below):

Screenshot 2019-12-05 at 17.45.09.png