New Zapier connector

Hey there,

The number of SaaS software has not stopped increasing in the past 10 years as more and more companies are switching to cloud-based software and are becoming more vertical-specific.

As a result, it has become compulsory for BtoB SaaS companies to subscribe to products that allow tools "to speak with each other". That is the main purpose of Hull, to unify customer data across your various tools in one single place and sync them back. This also prompted Zapier to become such a successful company with its workflow tool that allows orchestrating actions in a tool based on a trigger occurring in another.

Today, we are announcing our new Zapier connector. With our new Zapier connector, you will be able to integrate Zapier workflow capabilities with the unified and historical data of your Hull instance.

You will be able to trigger workflows inside Zapier based on the following events inside Hull:

  • a User entered a Segment
  • a User left a Segment
  • an Account entered a Segment
  • an Account left a Segment
  • a User Attribute was updated
  • an Account Attribute was updated
  • a User Event was created
  • a User was created
  • an Account was created

For instance, you can think about sending a personalized Intercom message whenever a user enters in a segment called sign-up with a lead score > 60, a segment that contains all the sign-ups for which their score is higher than 60 (computed for instance inside Hull with our Processor connector).

Cool right ?! But that's not over. You can also set-up actions inside Hull based on triggers from the other tools Zapier does support.

You can perform the two following main actions inside Hull: CREATE and SEARCH.

  • CREATE: create or update a Hull Account, create or update a Hull User, create a User Event
  • SEARCH: find an account, find a user

For instance, you can think about helping CS and sales better know about their leads by updating their users timeline inside Hull with events fired inside Appcues. Appcues is a great tool to help SaaS companies easily customize the onboarding of their users.

For instance, add to the user timeline an event called Added a collaborator fired from Appcues. and that will help your sales know if that lead started collaborating on the tool with colleagues. That way you can have your users updated inside Hull and then to the tools you are connected to like Intercom or Salesforce.

Having your CS and sales know about the events they performed during the onboarding is a sure way to improve the conversation with the lead and thus improve conversation rates.

Here are the steps to follow to set up your Zapier connector and start automating workflows:

Triggering a Zap based on a Hull event:

  • Install the Zapier connector


  • Go to your Zapier account, Make a new zap! and select Hull as an app


  • Choose your trigger event among the list


  • Once you have selected your trigger, you will be asked to authenticate to your Hull organization. Add the token available in the settings of your Zapier connector.


  • If you have selected User entered a Segment, choose a segment on which you want to trigger your Zap


  • You can then go on setting-up your actions with the other tools you want to connect

Create actions in Hull based on a trigger inside Zapier

  • Choose the Action Event among the list above


  • Configure the attributes you want to update or search for on the account or user level. For instance, if you selected the Create or Update a Hull Account action, you can select in your triggering tool what corresponds to the external_id , the domain, as well as the attributes