Hull changes
Hull changes

New Website connector

Hey there,

We have a new announcement for you! We have just released a new connector called "Website connector" which is a replacement of our former platform deployment feature with Hull.js.

Hull.js allows you to track website traffic and send this behaviour to Hull. This is a snippet of code that you used to be able to add to your website using our platform feature available from the overview page of the dashboard.

This implementation was a bit complex to access before and needed some guidance. That's why this feature is now available inside a new connector called "Website Connector". The connector is now directly accessible from the gallery and you will be more guided through the installation of that important feature also making your overall experience with Hull more consistent.

The "Website connector" settings are broken down into 3 main sections:

  • Installation:

Whitelist the domain that you want to track with Hull.js using the Whitelisted domains subsection and copy-paste the HTML tag that you need to add in the HEAD of your website code. website_connector_1.png

  • Tracking:

You can choose to track page views automatically by enabling the toggle button called Track page views events automatically


  • Scripts:

The Website connector allows you to add an external script to your website without having to deploy new code to the website. External scripts can call specific connectors which work client-side, for instance, Intercom (see documentation here)

You can also add an embedded snipped of js code using the Embedded script sub-section. website_connector_3.png

⚠️ Warning ⚠️:

If you had set-up your tracking system using Hull.js with the former implementation, no changes will be required on your end. You will just see new Website connectors added to your organizations (that will not count towards your current plan).