New settings section for Hubspot, Salesforce, Segment, Intercom and Mailchimp

Hey there,

We have updated the settings sections of some of our connectors, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Segment, Intercom and Mailchimp.

You can see an example here with a side by side comparison of the settings of the Intercom connector:

Below screenshots showing before and after the updates on the settings design:


The reasons for these changes are the following:

  • The related settings fields are now grouped together in sections in grey to emphasize their logical relationships.
  • Each setting section now has a description to embed documentation and other helpful tips.
  • The settings sections are now arranged in the order that the connector should be configured.
  • The navigation bar on the left helps you jump to a particular section of the settings page.
  • With these settings, we introduce better designed, bigger and more robust form components.