Hull changes
Hull changes

New Copper Connector

Hey there!

Today, we released our brand new Copper connector. Customers of Hull and Copper can now seamlessly sync data between the two tools.


What is Copper?

Copper is a fairly new CRM on the market that allows sales teams to seamlessly manage their Contacts and Opportunities straight from their Gmail inboxes. One of the things that makes Copper so special is its strong integration with Google G Suite products.

Tell me more about Hull's Copper connector.

Hull's Copper connector provides a two-way integration between Hull and Copper. For incoming Copper-to-Hull data, the connector ingests Copper Leads, People, Activities and Companies and maps them to Hull Users, Events, and Accounts, respectively.

For outgoing Hull-to-Copper data*, the connector sends Hull Users to Copper as Leads.

Once Copper data has been synced with Hull, the world is your oyster! Start building segments, syncing Copper data to your other tools (and vice versa), tracking your customer journey, and more.

What are the specific features of the Copper Connector?

Ingesting & Mapping Copper Leads & People to Hull Users

The Copper Connector allows you to fully ingest Copper Leads and People data into Hull. Any default and custom field on the Copper Lead or People object can be mapped to a corresponding Hull User field. To identify and map Leads & People, the Email Address field is by default, the unique identifier.





Ingesting & Mapping Copper Companies to Hull Accounts

Hull's Copper Connector allows you to fully ingest Copper Companies as Hull Accounts. Similar to Lead and People ingestion and mapping, any default or custom field on the Copper Account object can be mapped to a corresponding Hull Account field. The default identifier in this case is Company Domain.


Ingesting Copper Activities as Hull User Events

The Copper Connector allows you to fully ingest Copper Activities as Hull User Events, which can include emails, phone calls, meetings, demos and calendar events. Once Copper Activities have been created in Hull as User Events, they will appear in the User Timeline and can then be used to build Hull Segments and more.


Outgoing Creation of Copper Leads

Version one of Hull's Copper connector will include the outgoing creation and updating of Copper Leads. Note: Subsequent versions will include additional functionality around the other object types, People, Companies, and Activities.

For example, if a lead is created in another tool and synced with Hull, Hull's Copper connector will allow you to create that Lead in Copper.

Initial Bulk Data Ingestion & Continuous Synchronization

The Copper Connector can perform initial ingestion of Copper Lead, People, and Company data to backfill Hull Users and Accounts. Going forward, the Connector will continuously pull newly created and updated objects from Hull to keep Hull in sync with Copper.

*Version 2 of the Copper connector will include additional functionality. Reach out to us for questions or more info.