Hull changes
Hull changes

New Account Processor connector

Hi there,

We have some big news for you. Our new Account Processor is now up and running!

When you want to run ABM strategies, you want to define actions on the Account:

  • you want to score Accounts without having to add a score attribute on the User first and then link that attribute to the Account
  • you want to be able to define fallback strategies on the Account level. If for example, you have an attribute called industry_name that comes from both Datanyze and your CRM, you want to be able to define which source takes precedence over the other. To do so with the Account processor, you had to link the Account attribute to the corresponding Users and then write your fallback strategies on the Users. This was a pretty complex process.

No more pain on the Account now that we have released our new Account Processor!

This Processor will run based on changes on the Account level and has also a couple of enhancements:

  • first, you can whitelist the Accounts on which you want to apply your JS logic: account_filter (2).png

  • second, you can define custom variables that are directly accessible inside the code editor. You can do so by defining a variable name, for example api_key , give it a value like 25kt. The variable you defined as foowill be accessible it inside the processor via Note that these custom variables can only be defined as strings. Screenshot_2019-12-03_at_10.45.37 (1).png

Other than that, the code editor works the same way as for the former Processor. It is accessible from the Code editor button inside the Overview page of the Account Processor: