Map multiple attributes at once and visualize attributes types

Hey there,

An important new feature has just been released that affects connector configurations/settings.

Before when you were setting up the attribute mappers of your connectors, you had to select an attribute from the third party service and match it to an attribute inside Hull (or the other way around if it is outgoing). You could only do one attribute at a time by clicking on the Map another attribute button.

This was cumbersome because especially in your outgoing set-up, you could have more than 50 attributes to add one by one.

We have solved that problem by allowing users to map multiple attributes at once inside the incoming and outgoing mappers.

Let's describe the flow for incoming mapping with the example of the Hubspot connector:

  • Here is the incoming attribute mapping as it looks when it is not filled in:

Screenshot_2019-09-16_at_12.19.52 (1).png

  • When you click on the Edit the mappingbutton, you get the following modal where you can select the incoming attributes which you want to add from the third party tool:


  • Then, by clicking out of the modal, you get back to the connector's settings with the auto-filled corresponding Hull attributes:


The flow is of the same kind for the outgoing mapping and we believe it is going to help you save a lot of time when you set-up your connectors.

Also, we added another element to the UI of the attribute mapper. Before, you could trigger errors by mismatching attributes types. Sometimes, you might match a string attribute with a boolean and that will trigger errors on your org. We are helping you avoid these kinds of errors by displaying the type of the attribute inside the dropdown as shown in the following screenshot:

Screenshot_2019-09-16_at_12.21.19 (1).png