JSON Support

Hey there,

We are excited to announce that we now support JSON objects as User and Account attributes.

We're especially proud of this, as many other services do not support capturing and storing JSON data. They traditionally only support "primitive" types, such as: strings, numbers, booleans, date, arrays.

This results in important data being incompatible with the service. Some tangible examples of this might include stripe subscription data, web sessions, and calendly webhooks, just to name a few. You are now capable of capturing JSON objects like these inside Hull, where you can then transform and transmit this data exactly how and where you need it.

Here's how some of our customers are already benefiting from this new feature:

  • capture customer data from their customer success tool (like Vitally) and synchronize it back to other tools.
  • capture opportunities as a JSON object and send it to their CS tools in order to keep their CS team up to date on their customers.
  • capture sessions as a JSON object to then run logic to make accurate attribution analysis.

Practically, the JSON objects will be visible from the User and Account pages as follows:


You can also access them inside the User and Account attributes pages and are displayed as JSON type:


At the moment, it is not possible to create segments based on JSON objects.

We are confident that this new feature will allow you to capture more raw data from your different tools in order to synchronize them to your entire MarTech stack.

Ultimately, this new feature will allow you to capture, manipulate and synchronize even more data across your MarTech stack - unlocking tons of additional value for you.

We encourage you to read our updated Docs to see more examples of what you can achieve with this feature.