Hull changes
Hull changes

Ingesting the Salesforce owner email in Hull

Hi there,

We have a new feature to announce on the Salesforce connector!

When you want to set-up assignment rules, one way to do so is to configure them inside your Salesforce instance. This creates a new field on each of your Contact and/or Lead called salesforce_owner_id. This id is useful inside Salesforce because it is linked to the Salesforce profile of the owner.

Let's say you want to propagate the assignment rule to another tool of your stack. Sending the salesforce_owner_id is not really relevant because it is not actionable by your third party tool since it does not know how to link it to an employee of your company. What you can send is the email of that salesforce owner because that email will allow the third party tool to identify the owner.

To achieve that before, you had to create some processor code to call the Salesforce API to fetch the owner email. We have now solved that by allowing that feature directly inside the Salesforce connector.

This Salesforce owner email is easily accessible from the attribute mapper picker like any other Salesforce field that you want to fetch on the Lead and the Contact as you can see in the following screenshot: