Ingesting Salesforce Tasks as events inside Hull

Hey there,

It is now possible to ingest Salesforce tasks as events inside Hull. Tasks are native objects inside Salesforce that are used to improve the productivity of your Sales team.

By ingesting these tasks as events, you will be able to create segments of users based on whether they had a task attached to them inside Salesforce.

A standard use case with that new feature involves refining segments of users in Hull which are then sent out to marketing automation tools to trigger email campaigns.

Let's say a member of your sales team had a call with a given user 2 days ago. You want to exclude that user from a nurturing campaign because you do not want to be too pushy with your users. This call is often stored inside Salesforce as a task. By ingesting this task as an event inside Hull, you are going to be able to add a criteria to the segment that is sent out to your marketing automation tool for you nurturing campaign which will be something like did not have a task with a customer in the last 7 days. That way you can exclude these particular customers with whom you had recently contacted from your nurturing campaigns.

Here is the new section inside the connector to fetch tasks inside the Salesforce connector:Screenshot_2019-08-06_at_12.05.43.png