Incoming deletion of contacts and companies in Hubspot

Hey there,

We now support the incoming deletion of contacts and companies inside Hubspot.

Before, when you deleted a list of contacts and/or accounts from Hubspot, this list would synchronize back to Hubspot because Hull would do its job of synchronization. So you had to delete them inside Hubspot and inside Hull as well.

We now have solved this problem by flagging inside Hull those contacts and companies you deleted inside Hubspot. They are flagged with a deleted_at trait.

So to make sure they are not synched back to Hubspot, you will need to select the new toggle button called Ignored Deleted Contactsinside the User - Sending to Hubspot section as shown in the following screenshot:


This feature works on the account level as well and you can access the same toggle button inside the Account - Sending to Hubspot section: ignore_deleted_accounts.png