Hull changes
Hull changes

Deactivate connectors

Hey there,

We are happy to announce to you a new feature that will allow you to deactivate connectors you installed on your Hull organization.

Hull sits at the heart of dataflows setups which are often complex. These dataflows are defined by the connectors of the tools you want to connect to Hull. Before, connectors used to start to do their work as soon as a minimal configuration was done on the connectors. That did not allow the customer to make sure that his incoming and outgoing set-up was correct. The result of this was sometimes dumped data flying around which meant grueling work for you.

Sometimes it also happened that you wanted to put an integration on hold because you had some wrong data being piped into a 3rd party service. The only thing you could do is delete the connector with all the configuration settings. That meant having to re-install the connector and set-up again the settings which was cumbersome.

Those issues are now over by allowing you to pause whenever you like the connector of your choice. Note that you can still send outgoing data by performing manual batches while the connector is paused.

You can now put a connector on hold by clicking on the desactivate button under the name of the connector:


It will show you a commit message explaining what disabling a connector entails:


Once the connector is paused, the button under the name of the connector will turn like this:


And to enable it back, you will have an other commit message confirming you normal updates will be back: