Better visibility on the number of API calls in your third party tool

Hey there,

We wanted to announce you that we have improved the way you can monitor the number of API calls on each given connector inside the API calls dashboard.

Before, you could only see the number of API calls in the last 30 minutes during the last 24 hours. So, to retrieve the number of API calls each day you had to add up all the 30min time ranges of the day to compute your overall number of API calls in one single day. That was painful and it did not even give you the number of API calls of the month which is the most import metric you want to monitor to make sure you do not overuse your third party tool's plan.

To prevent that, we have made it possible for you to select the time range for which you want to control the API calls: with a dropdown on the top right, you can select either "Last 24 hours", "Last 7 days" or "Last 30 days". You also have on the top left a direct access to the overall number of API calls corresponding to the time range you chose.


We hope this new feature will enable you to better monitor your API calls and also understand how Hull can help you reduce that number by filtering the data synchronised to your third party tool and thus save you money.